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    Turning Today's Waste

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    into Tommorrow's Energy

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    for a Cleaner Future

What we do

  • Waste to Energy

    Sozo Renewable, LLC ("Sozo") develops opportunities within the biomass, biofuels and waste-to-energy (WTE) industry. The company focuses on developing, acquiring, selling, and operating energy resources to produce clean bioenergy. Sozo is currently developing facilities that will use municipal solid waste (MSW) and/or any carbon-based material such as manufacturing waste, woody biomass, agricultural trimmings, tires, animal waste and even coal as the feedstock. The syngas output produced will then be processed into electricity or a clean transportation fuel. Sozo also acquires distressed or shuttered traditional energy and retrofits these facilities to produce renewable energy.

  • Relationships

    Sozo has relationships with engineering companies who specialize in this area and our time is spent developing and financing these renewable energy projects. Sozo also uses best in class commercially-available technology that not only makes these projects economically viable, but also provides an overall positive impact to the biomass industry.

  • Mission

    Sozo's mission is to provide clean energy throughout the world. Our core focus is to provide energy that doesn't damage our environment, provides a substantial ROI for our existing and future partners and make a positive impact with the state of our nation. Part of how we accomplish this is by introducing renewable energy and the jobs associated with producing this energy thus allowing America to become energy independent.

  • Projects

    Sozo is currently developing two WTE projects in South Carolina and is in preliminary discussions concerning other biomass projects throughout the continental United States, the Caribbean, Latin America and elsewhere. Sozo is also in the process of acquiring existing power plants that are being under-utilized, shut down completely or otherwise in need of conversion to renewable energy.

    Finally, Sozo is joint venturing with a California company to create and operate a power marketing and trading operation that will focus on the California market but will also opportunistically look at and for purchase and sales transactions in other organized energy markets, such as the Midwest ISO and the three northeastern ISOs.